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The Slow Cook

Truth About Whole Grains Journalist Ed Bruske, Nutritionist Lisa Suriano and School Food Advocate Chef Ann Cooper discuss whole grains in school meals.

Simply Stacie

Healthy and Fit Challenge 2011: Veggiecation Review “Veggiecation is an excellent resource for parents or child care workers who are looking to find a fun yet educational way to promote healthy veggie eating habits to our young children.”

The Slow Cook

What’s Really Behind Whole Grains in School Food Lisa Suriano reveals the reality behind “whole grains” in school food & presents more nutritious options in her third guest post for The Slow Cook.

McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

Veggiecation program encourages students to eat their veggies The Veggiecation Program was featured in this syndicated column that ran in 17 regional daily papers, such as The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) and The Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX).

WPIX Morning News

Healthy Holiday Side Dishes Lisa Suriano joins the WPIX Morning News to discuss healthy holiday side dishes that kids will love!

(Mostly) Healthy Mom

Corn, My Hero… & More Kale Love “What was even more impressive is that I had already put a clementine on his tray (a fave), and he opted for the kale instead!”

Family Goes Strong

The Veggiecation of Your Grandkid “Veggiecation is a program for schools that links lessons in the classroom to experiences in the lunchroom. The idea is to introduce students to some tastier ways to enjoy vegetables, while providing some nutrition education.”

News 12 Brooklyn

Study: 40 percent of city kids are obese, overweight Segment’s focus was on childhood obesity and featured an interview with Lisa Suriano during kids cooking demonstration at the Move About Myrtle event.

Better DC School Food Blog

The Facts About School Food Service in Rome Lisa Suriano details her interview with Paolo Agnostini, the Head Nutritionist for the Municipality of Rome and a key player in the transformation of their school food program.