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How it Works

Making it Work for You!

The Veggiecation® Program was designed with the understanding that all schools, organizations, after-school programs, etc have different resources and limitations. Therefore, the program was created to be highly adaptable cooking and nutrition training.

  • In the School
  • After School and At Summer Camps
  • Outside of School

Healthy Kids Cooking Classes

Memorable hands-on experiences make the greatest impact! Veggiecation Recipes are affordable and simple enough to be created in classrooms – no kitchen required! Kids cooking activities create fun, memorable learning experiences.

Why it Works:

Children develop a sense of ownership as a result of cooking meals with their peers. During our classes and nutrition lessons young minds feel empowered to try their new food creations!

  • Students participating in the preparation process relax their fears about trying something new.
  • Students love to express their opinions! Having a chance to vote on how they like each recipe encourages students to taste new veggies.
  • Research strongly supports that eating nutrient-rich, whole foods directly correlates with enhanced academic success 1,2,3
  • Chilren’s nutrition education doesn’t need to be boring, we make it fun!
  • Our messaging relates nutritional information for kids in a way that means something to their growing bodies and minds!

Implementing the Program – Read On!

Find a Certified Veggiecator in Your Area

Use our zipcode locator to find an instructor near you


Get Trained to Teach Classes!

Get certified to teach Healthy Kids Cooking Classes and bring our simple nutrition education lessons to your community!

The training workshops are online and can be accessed by anyone in the US or Canada with an internet connection. Workshops can be taken at any time of day, regardless of time zone.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 7 day limit on access to the webinar from the time your account is activated (see FAQ for details).

Veggiecator Educators can make teaching Veggiecation’s healthy kids cooking classes a career or supplement their current income.  Our instructors are paid for their time and we have found a great demand for the classes in many venues such as schools, after-school programs, grocery markets, fitness centers, farmer’s market, enrichment programs and community centers, to name a few. We provide not only the training and resources to effectively engage your community in preparing nutritious meals but we also supply you with the entrepreneurial structure to develop those skills into a flourishing business.

The training fee includes:

Cooking in School

Healthy Kids Cooking Classes:

  • A great addition to any health or phys ed. class!  Incorporate Veggiecation lessons to teach kids about health and wellness!

Educational Assemblies:

  • A wellness presentation with a cooking demonstration is a great way to get the whole school involved with Veggiecation. Our entertaining and interactive assemblies send students home with recipes, nutrition tips, and activity pages.

Cooking After School, At Camp and Beyond:

Cooking is an essential skill for having a healthy life, so why not teach kids at a young age? Veggiecation’s Healthy Kids Cooking Classes are engaging and provide basic cooking tips to children, while nutrition information is incorporated throughout the lessons. Kids cooking classes are perfect for any enrichment program, including:

  • Girl/Boy Scouts
  • Summer Camps
  • Birthday Parties
  • After- School Programs
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Health & Environment Fairs
  • Community Block Parties

And More!

Health Fairs, Demos, and Other Public Engagements!

There are many ways to educate communities about the incredible benefits and delicious ways to cook veggies. Our program is enjoyed in hospital clinics, health fairs, senior citizen centers, grocery markets and your own home!

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