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Food Talk with Mike Colameco

Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Mike is joined by “sommelier with a punk rock past” Christina Fuhrman, Wine & Service Director at Piora in New York’s West Village, Ernest Lepore of the famous Italian bakery Ferrara, and Lisa Suriano, founder and CEO of Veggiecation, which promotes and educates communities on […]


Celebrate Earth Day & Reduce Waste in the Kitchen with 3 Easy Recipes We shared three quick and easy recipe transformations to help you reduce food waste in your own kitchen.


5 Sping Cleaning Tips for your Kitchen Having a clean and organized kitchen can set the tone for a season of fresh, healthy and budget-friendly meals ahead. Lisa Suriano joins a group of nutritionists to provide tips on how to enter the new season ahead!

Women’s Health

Most Filling Vegetables Lisa Suriano joins an experined group of nutrition professionals to discuss which veggies are most filling and why.


6 Ways Your Oatmeal Could be Making You Gain Weight Dietitian Jennifer Bowers, PhD and our founder, Lisa Suriano provide tips on how to prepare your oatmeal in the healthiest, most nutrient-dense way possible.

CUNY TV, Independent Sources

Lisa Suriano and Veggiecator Educator, Natalie Rizzo, Focus on Food Lisa and Natalie join Professor Frederick Kaufman and Viki Radden on CUNY to discuss regulations on the food industry, food access, and the psychology of food. Independent Sources seeks to shed light on underreported topics by bringing in experts of […]


VeggieFun Founder and Veggiecator Educator, Bibi Corr Tells her Story! Bibi Corr was featured on Stuff where she spoke about her weight loss journey and why she’s inspired to teach children about the importance of healthy eating!

Jennifer Cornbleet’s Raw Food Made Easy

Lisa Suriano Interviewed on the Tasty Life Interview Series Jennifer Cornbleet hosted an amazing online interview series in May on “turning your passion for healthy food into a career you love!” She interview experts in the field and Lisa Suriano was among them. Lisa talks about being a Veggiecator Educator […]