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The Kids Cook Monday Interview

The Kids Cook Monday Interviews Lisa Suriano about Veggiecation Lisa Suriano discusses where the vision of Veggiecation came from and where the new program that has been recently launched.

One-on-One with Steve Adubato

Steve Adubato interviews Lisa Suriano on his One-on-One segment on NJTV. Suriano is asked about her method for branding vegetables and the source of her inspiration for creating Veggiecation.  Get an inside look into Lisa’s background and methods!  Click here to watch the video!


Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Healthier at School One of three videos in a series to offer practical tricks to get kids and adults to eat healthier.  This segment offers tricks for healthier eating at school!  Click here to watch the video.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Vegetable Marketing with Culinary and Nutrition Education Veggiecation write a guest blog post on the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution blog!  Click here to visit the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution website.

Verizon Fios Channel 1: PushPlay

Veggiecation Partner, HealthFirst, and the American Heart Association Open Teaching Garden in New Jersey Veggiecation attends the opening of a teaching garden in Neward, NJ with the American Heart Association and HealthFirst, Veggiecation’s health care partner.  Click here to watch the video!

Heritage Radio Network

Feeding the Future – Episode 3 – Veggiecation Lisa Suriano is featured on “Feeding the Future”, a radio show on HeritageNetworkRadio.org.  Suriano discusses the program and its inspiration.  Listeners are given Veggiecation’s Zucchini, Tomato, & Parmesan Bake.  Click here to listen to the radio show!

Columbia News Tonight

Making Vegetables Fun Watch Veggiecation in action at the Grosvenor House YMCA in the Upper West Side! See how Veggiecation puts nutrition into the hands of the children they work with. Note: The link below is a PDF of the website, click here to see the video!

Entrepreneur Podcast Network

Veggiecation, A Children’s Nutrition Education Program Lisa Suriano discusses what inspired her to start Veggiecation and how its programming has evolved over the years. Find out what separates Veggiecation from other children’s nutrition education programs! Note: The link below is a PDF of the EPN website, click here to listen […]

DNA Info

Cooking Classes Teach Kids to Love Veggies on the Upper West Side Get an inside look of a Veggiecation cooking class at a local after-school program. The on site veggiecator, Maurie Raphaely, divulges her one in class rule. Over the past year, Veggiecation classes have grown in number and Lisa […]

New York 1

How Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Healthy Eating Lisa Suriano gives parents tips on how to create delicious and healthy foods for their children. Incorporating veggies into smoothies and including vibrant colors are just some ways to get kids to eat more veggies. The segment offers Veggiecation’s free kids […]

Today’s Dietitian

Rules of Engagement Lisa Suriano discusses the history of Veggiecation and the need for veggie marketing. Suriano give tips on how to get kids to eat more vegetables.