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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 10:29

The Healthiest Day of Your Week: Monday

The Monday Campaigns are a public health initiative that raises awareness by dedicating the first day of every week to health.  From nutrition to caregiver dedication, the Monday Campaigns offer a once a week challenge that make a big difference.  Why Monday?  Because studies show that people consider Monday “a fresh start” and actions/precautions taken on Monday are more likely to help them carry out their healthy intentions for the week.  Its pretty genius when you think about it – if you can’t get people to commit to an idea every day, ease them into it by asking for a Monday Pledge.  Who knows what progress can happen from there?

While all the campaigns are equally inspiring, we’d like to highlight the two that are most relevant to the mission of Veggiecation – Meatless Monday and The Kids Cook Monday.  You may have heard about either or both of these campaigns somewhere without realizing the powerful impact that they have.


Meatless Monday offers veggie recipes to support a meat-free start to your week.  Since 2003, groups in 23 countries around the world have started campaigns of their own.  Numerous schools, cities, celebrities, and public officials have pledged to gomeatless on Monday.  Meatless Monday draws attention to the health risks of filling your plate withmeat-heavy dishes as well as the effect thatmeatproduction has on our environment.  Goingmeatlesslowers your average consumption per week which adds a lower average per year. Eventually, you’re a bit healthier and your carbon footprint is a little lighter.

The Kids Cook Monday is another food related Monday Campaign that asks parents and educators to pledge to get kids cooking.  LikeMeatlessMondays, Kids Cook Monday offers recipes as well as tool kits for getting kids in the kitchen.  Its message is right in line with ours at Veggiecation! We both believe in the influence that hands-on cooking experiences make when it comes time for kids to make their own food choices.  Kids Cook Monday points out that cooking with kids makes them knowledgeable about food,lesslikely to be picky, provides them with an essential life skill. 

It’s safe to say that we love the idea of Monday Campaigns!  When our Veggiecator Educators talk to children and families about eating healthy, strive to empower and never intimidate them.  We want to make the transition to healthy eating as effortless as possible.  Meatless Monday and The Kids Cook Monday offer a big change with little commitment.  Individuals can uphold healthy habits by making them a part of their weekly routine without turning their world upside down.  And for some, a once-a-week commitment might turn into an every day lifestyle!



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