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Monday, 06 January 2014 09:36

Join the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food on 1/9 for 5% Day at WFM in Manhattan!

On January 9th, all 7 Whole Foods Markets stores in Manhattan will be donating 5% of their profits for the day to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.  This type of community fundraiser, “5% days,” happens a couple times a year in Whole Foods Markets across the country. Each store or region gets to decide what organization/cause they want to support in their surrounding community. This year, we are thrilled that our long time partners and close friends have been chosen for this awesome opportunity!

The fact that the Whole Foods Markets in Manhattan have chosen NYCHSF means that they believe in and support the important work that the Coalition does for NYC youth and their families. Their pledge to give 5% profits for the day furthers the Coalition’s mission to raise a healthier generation.

If you are unfamiliar with NYCHSF, they are the organization that’s responsible for the first vegetarian public school in the United States.  Their mission is to introduce plant-based meals and nutrition education to schools to educate the whole school community. They have worked closely with the DOE to create an alternative menu for NYC schools which provides students with healthier menu items such as organic tofu.  The alternative menu doesn’t cost schools any more money than the regular menu; they simply have to opt in. Once schools have signed on to the alternative menu, the next step is to educate the students about the healthier options so they’ll actually eat it. It’s this nutrition education aspect that requires funding. Employees of the Coalition go into schools and implement nutrition education classes to students at schools in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn to help make the transition from mozzarella sticks to apple slices. 

So whether you shop at Whole Foods or not, stop in at any store in Manhattan between the hours of 11AM – 7PM and be greeted by a friendly volunteer from the Coalition! 

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