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Monday, 20 June 2016 13:04

Featured Veggiecator: Alexis Braunfeld

When we started the Veggiecator Educator Training Workshop in 2013, our main goal was to give passionate individuals the power to earn income on their own terms. Our Featured Veggiecator is a self-proclaimed “crazy entrepreneur,” and it’s easy to see why! Alexis Braunfeld of Villanova, PA has an impressive resume that includes being a mom, a Jeweler/Gemologist, a Custom Cake Sugar Artist (Sugar Treasures), a Juice Plus Representative, and finally, a Veggiecator Educator!

Alexis’ passion for food stemmed from her love of cooking. It wasn’t until she started promoting a veggie packed supplement that she really started focusing on the nutrition aspect of food. She soon realized how important the “why” aspect of eating fruits and veggies is. The more she learned about the why’s of nutrition, the more fascinating it was.


As a mother of two – Jacob (11) and Sylvie (7) – Alexis knows how important good food is to a growing body. She could see the positive affects that came with consuming more fruits and vegetables. Her children were sick less and they were not constipated. As far as her own health, Alexis saw improvements in her oral health and her allergies began to improve.

While Jacob has always been open to taste new foods, Alexis had to work on getting Sylvie to expand her palate. However, with the overall shift in household diet, Sylvie has learned to enjoy more than her favorite food combo…bread and cheese in all varieties.

Since starting her wellness journey three years ago, Alexis continues to be blown away by seeing how her body is affected by the food she eats. Recently, she stopped eating dairy and gluten and saw huge improvements!

Part of that continuation is working with Veggiecation and spreading her discoveries about food with children. Alexis trained in September 2014 and is currently teaching two after-school programs simultaneously. Her love of working with children and her newfound passion for health and wellness have helped make her newest venture a successful one!

Alexis 1

Thumbs up for Broccoli and Asian Dipping Sauce at an after-school program in PA!

Alexis B 1

Alexis in action!

Alexis B 2

An excited child shows off his salad.

What has been the best thing about your Veggiecation training?

The best part of my training was learning some fabulous tips to relate to the kids. Simple things like for 1 cup of olive oil, having 1 child hold a ½ cup while another pours and then they switch. Now you are able to keep 2 children involved with one activity and they both are able to have a full turn.

And VEN membership?

My VEN membership has been wonderful because It is a valuable resource for my classes. It provides me with many options for coloring sheets and activities. Also, resources for the admin side of the class, such as contracts. Best of all with the VEN membership, I don’t have to train every year.

What's your favorite anecdote about an especially cute or picky child?

I have had many children say “ewwww” to the veggie of the day when I introduce it, but after tasting they love it! Sometimes I bring the tower garden to class and have the kids pick an ingredient right off of the Tower. It is amazing to see their faces light up, when they realize they can grow it and then eat it! I love asking the kids during their last class “what was your favorite recipe?” The kids really think about it and have a favorite. It is so great over 6 sessions to watch them try new things and find new favorites.

What are your favorite recipes to use?

Cauliflower Popcorn is a crowd favorite. Cold peanut noodles is also a fun recipe. I only use this in a class where there are no peanut allergies. The kids LOVE spiralizing the zucchini. Watermelon basil smoothie is another popular one.

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