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What is Veggiecation?

Veggiecation is an evidence-based culinary nutrition education program that promotes and educates communities about the health benefits of vegetables and how to prepares them in simple, unique, affordable, and most importantly, delicious ways.


Are Veggiecation materials available in other languages?

All of the Veggiecation Informational Posters and recipes are available in Spanish. Soon these resources will be made available in Chinese.


What age groups are Veggiecation classes intended for?

The universal nature of food and art allows for our recipes, illustrations, and posters to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Veggiecation has found success everywhere from pre-K classrooms to senior citizen centers. Additionally, the simplicity of our recipes and their affordability create an ideal dorm room meal that is nutritious.


Do the Veggiecation classes require a kitchen?

No. Veggiecation has a resource of over 150 recipes and a majority of them are designed for a classroom style setting. This means they require a limited amount of cooking equipment. Most commonly, a blender or a cutting board, mixing bowls and measuring spoons are all that are needed.


Are Veggiecation recipes safe for people with allergies?

Yes, all of the Veggiecation recipes were designed to avoid the most common allergens. Veggiecation recipes do not use peanuts, tree-nuts, fish or shellfish. All Veggiecation recipes have alternative options to be made dairy, soy, or gluten-free.


Is Veggiecation "anti-meat"?

No. Veggiecation is simply pro-vegetables! Veggiecation takes no political stance on meat consumption. The majority of the Veggiecation Program recipes are plant-based. The reasons for this are to maintain the affordability of each recipe and to assure safe food preparation. Veggiecation believes all people, regardless or dietary lifestyle and choices, can benefit greatly by incorporating more vegetables, fruits, beans, and herbs into their daily life.


What is the best age for Veggiecation classes?

Veggiecation classes can be modified for any age. The program was designed for and predominantly serves young children in elementary and middle school but we have found success with students as young as toddlers and as old as seniors! Our certified Veggiecator Educators are trained on how to modify the program for different age groups.


For Potential Veggiecator Educators

What are the steps to becoming a Veggiecator Educator?

Becoming a Veggiecator Educatoris simple. Follow these steps and you can start teaching within a month!

  1. Sign up for a training through our website
  2. Participate in training & take a 25 question test
  3. Obtain a background check & Purchase insurance
  4. Receive the Portable Cooking Kit and other Veggiecator Educator Materials
  5. Spread the love of veggies!


Are there any additional fees for becoming a Veggiecator Educator?

In addition to the Veggiecation Educator Training Workshop fee of $328 (prices includes the cost of shipping and handling), you will have to cover the cost of your annual background check and insurance. Fees will vary. Veggiecationwill provide you with step-by-step guide on how to obtain both of these.

*NOTE: For an optional $29/month you can become a member of the VeggiecatorEducation Network (VEN). With this membership, you will receive a personalized website and email address, access to Veggiecation marketing materials, monthly updates and tips building your business, and more!  Click here for details!


How long is the process to becoming a Veggiecator Educator?

The process can take anywhere between three weeks and three months. If you are diligent in getting all necessary documentation to Veggiecation, you may receive the Veggiecationmaterials and equipment within a month of signing up.

*NOTE: After participating in VeggiecatorTraining Program, you must complete the final steps within three months in order to be eligible for certification and receive your Veggiecatormaterials.


How long after my training am I certified for? 

The VeggiecatorEducator Certification is a one year certification for non VEN members. VEN members receive continuing education and quizzes therefore have an ongoing certification. Non-member re certification at the end of the year is $145. 


What comes with the VeggiecatorEducatorTraining Certification?

With your Veggiecator Educator Certification, you will learn the skills necessary for teaching the healthy kids cooking classes that Veggiecation has become famous for. You will also receive:

  • A Portable Cooking Kit including a Veggiecation Apron
  • A license to use Veggiecation branded images and materials
  • Veggiecation Posters & Recipes
  • Ongoing help starting and conducting your business from Lisa Suriano and the Veggiecation team


Do I need a nutrition background to teach Veggiecation classes?

No. You simply need to have a passion for nutrition, wellness, and healthy living. We believe that anyone with the desire to educate and empower their community on healthy cooking and eating should be given the tools to do so. While it's not necessary to have a background in nutrition science, we do hope that those interested in becoming Veggiecator Educators are knowledgeable and interested in continuing to learn about food and nutrition.


Once certified, how do I find clients?

A third of our training workshop focuses on marketing and provides you will all of the turn-key information on how to structure your small business.  Our VEN Network provides members with all of the business and marketing resources needed to run your business.  Our team is available to answer any and all of your business and marketing questions whenever they come up.  We pride ourselves on being a great support network for our Veggiecator Educators.


What system do you use for the online training?

Our training uses a program called Adobe Connect. In your Welcome Email, you will receive a link to view the training. This link will open directly in your web browser so all you will need is the internet. You do NOT need to download any programs to view the training!


How can I log into my training?

We will send you a username and password in your Welcome Email shortly after your training has been purchased. This username and password will only be active for 5 business days, at which point, you will no longer have access to view the training. 

  • If you require an extension, please let us know immediately! Penalty fees may apply.
  • If you would like to purchase your training but are interested in postponing the availability of your training, you may give us a 5 day span that works for you.


I work for a school/organization and we would like to train a few faculty members/employees, is this possible?

Absolutely! We have a few options - details can be found in the downloadable document below. To add a single person to your training costs an additional $145. This fee is for the training only and does not include an additional Portable Cooking Kit or other educational materials. 

Veggiecation Policies

Refund policy:

  • If canceling VETW registration, full refund if canceled up to 24 hours before scheduled workshop.
  • If canceling VETW registration, 50% refund if canceled up within less than 24 hours before scheduled workshop.
  • If trainee has taken workshop but decides they do not want or need Veggiecator Resources (Portable Cooking Kit, Informational Veggie Posters, Apron, Tote and Stickers), 50% refund of registration fee ($147.50) will be granted. Notification to Veggiecation® LLC must be made within 3 months of taking the VETW. 



  • If rescheduling VETW registration date, trainees can reschedule up to 24 hours before scheduled workshop.  
  • If rescheduling in less than 24 hours before scheduled workshop, there will be a $25 rescheduling fee. 


Document Submission: 

Trainees must submit cleared criminal background check and required liability insurance certificate within 3 months of workshop date.  Veggiecation LLC will make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.  Trainees must contact VeggiecationLLC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 201-773-4533 to apply for an extension.  


Training re-certification:

  • The Veggiecator Educator Certification is a one year certification for non VEN members. Non-member re-certification at the end of the year is $145. 
  • VEN members receive continuing education and quizzes therefore have an ongoing certification.

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