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Tower Garden Growing System

Tower Gardens are vertifical gardens that use aeroponics to feed and nourish plants. Gardens are compact, dirt-free, and portable - making them perfect for the classroom! Explore the ways you can incoportate gardining into math, science, art, and more with Tower Gardens.

The uniquie growing technology of the Tower Garden uses minimal resources and yields up to 30% more produce compared to traditional gardening methods.

The Complete Tower Garden Growing Sytem includes:TG

  • Tower Garden
  • Starter seeds
  • Seed starter enviro-dome
  • 20 rock wool seed starter cubes
  • Pump, timer, and drain tube
  • Tower Tonic Mineral Blend plant food
  • pH test kit + pH+/pH- balancing formulas
  • Meansuring cup for tonic and pH balancing forumlas

Tower Garden Accessories:

  • Tomato cage for flowering plants
  • Grow lights for indoor gardening
  • Extension kit for additional pod space
  • Dolly for easy transport

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