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Veggiecation Aspires to Provide Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Interested in Nutrition, Cooking, and Teaching

Veggiecation Offers Online Culinary Nutrition Education Workshops to Train Individuals to Teach Children Around the World How to Cook and Eat Healthy. 

Ridgewood, NJ (September 4, 2013) – Veggiecation, a culinary nutrition education program for children, has launched a brand new concept that offers individuals training on how to teach healthy kids cooking classes that are simple and engaging.  In addition to learning Veggiecation’s unique style of teaching, the three-hour online training will also provide people with the tools needed to start their own cooking class business.


Veggiecation has been introducing children to the nutritious and delicious world of Vegetables since 2009 but only now has opened its practices to the public.  After much success in summer camps, after-school programs, and in Whole Foods Markets in NY, NJ and CT, Veggiecation will now be able to educate communities about vegetables regardless of location. 


Upon completion of the workshop program, trainees earn the title of “Certified Veggiecator Educator”.  Veggiecator Educators will be able to conduct a Veggiecation cooking class where students learn about a “Special Veggie of the Day,” participate in the cooking process, and are encouraged – never forced – to try what they made. 


“Upon receiving countless emails and phone calls from others passionate about healthy food and children’s nutrition, I realized the next step for Veggiecation was to empower people with the entrepreneurial model I created,” said Lisa Suriano, founder and CEO of the online Veggiecation Educator Training Workshop.  Suriano will be conducting the three-hour live and interactive workshops personally.


Trained instructors will receive a recipe e-book filled with original Veggiecation recipes, a Food Safety and Allergy Awareness Manual, a Cooking Demo Tip Guide, as well as, a Portable Cooking Kit, complete with a Veggiecation apron and tote bag.  Instructors will also be provided with a full set of Veggiecation’s Informational Veggie Posters that provide the who, what, when, where, and most importantly, the why of the featured vegetable.


About Veggiecation

Veggiecation is an evidence-based culinary nutrition education program that introduces young children to the delicious and nutritious world of vegetables. It is the mission of Veggiecation to promote and educate communities on the health benefits on vegetables and how to prepare them in simple, unique, affordable, and most importantly, delicious ways.  Veggiecation’s methods get children and families into the kitchen and offer nutrition education as an engaging cooking experience.

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